AI for Health Imaging

Transforming healthcare challenges

into AI opportunities


A European Cancer Image Platform Linked to Biological and Health Data for Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine in Oncology

A multimodal AI-based toolbox and an interoperable health imaging repository for the empowerment of imaging analysis related to the diagnosis, prediction and follow-up of cancer

An AI Platform integrating imaging data and models, supporting precision care through prostate cancer’s continuum

Accelerating the lab to market transition of AI tools for cancer management

PRedictive In-silico Multiscale Analytics to support cancer personalised diaGnosis and prognosis, Empowered by imaging biomarkers

The idea of the RadioVal project is to develop and implement a very comprehensive validation of artificial intelligence solutions in the breast cancer treatment

Our Mission

Artificial Intelligence for Health Imaging (AI4HI) stands out as a dynamic and innovative cluster project at the forefront of advancing healthcare through the collaborative efforts of researchers, practitioners, and experts from various healthcare sectors. The project’s core mission revolves around the development and implementation of cutting-edge AI solutions tailored for the healthcare industry. With a robust team of over 130 researchers spread across 8 diverse working groups, AI4HI possesses a wealth of experience and expertise.

This initiative fosters collaboration across European infrastructures, hospitals, patient associations, universities, industry partners, SMEs, and research institutions, creating a comprehensive network aimed at revolutionizing healthcare through the integration of artificial intelligence.

Institutions in health sector

AI4HI Working Groups

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, led by project coordinators, meets biweekly for strategic discussions in AI4HI Network governance.

AI Development

The group define strategic position on the topic – prepare abstract/summary for the steering committee, discuss sustainability of AI

AI Validation

The group objective is to Define strategic position on the topic, and prepare abstract/summary for the steering committee


The group works on building the annotation for the AI models

Dissemination & Exploitation

The group collaborates for impactful communication through strategic positioning.

Data Management

The group works on data storage, curation, and common model development for efficient AI infrastructure in medical imaging.


The group focuses on clinical needs, strategizing solutions, and improving healthcare data integrity.

Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI)

The ELSI group addresses ethical, legal, and social implications of healthcare AI for responsible implementation.

Metadata Models

The group works on building the AI models for medical imaging solutions.