The working group's primary objective lies in delineating and deliberating upon a strategic stance concerning AI4HI. Through analysis and dialogue, members aim to ascertain the most viable and effective approach, considering various perspectives and potential implications. This entails not only defining the overarching strategy but also discerning details to ensure a comprehensive understanding. Concurrently, the group is working on drafting abstracts and summaries to encapsulate the essence of their discussions and findings. Thes representations serve as valuable tools for the steering committee, providing them with concise insights and actionable recommendations derived from the working group's collective expertise and deliberations.

Team members

(in alphabetical order)
Ana JiménezQuibim, Spain
Andrea LaghiUniversity of Rome, Italy
Angel AlberichQuibim, Spain
Diana VeigaGeneralitat Valenciana, Spain
Francesco SardanelliGruppo Sandonato, Italy
Kai VilanovaCOMG, Spain
Leonor CerdáHealth Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe), Spain
Maria Antonietta PascaliInstitute of Information Science and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy, ISTI-CNR, Pisa, Italy
Michela GadelloniUniversity of Pisa, Italy
Pedro MallolHealth Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe), Spain
Stefanie CharalambousMaggioli Group, Greece
Thomas TrouillardMedexprim, France
Yiannis RoussakisFORTH, Greece