AI Development
This WG focuses on image quantification, distributed learning, and interpretability within the field of AI. It plays a crucial role in defining a strategic position on AI development and engages in discussions around common questions. Furthermore, the WG organizes its activities around a central topic aligned with the projects being addressed. This allows for comprehensive discussions and comparisons of potential solutions in areas such as data harmonization, domain adaptation strategies, unlabelled data exploitation, and uncertainty estimation. * The WG has developed a questionnaire to collect experiences and comments from AI developers. This questionnaire contributes to the understanding of AI development and assessing the methods, tools and software are used in each step of the radiomics workflow. Additionally, it seeks to determine whether these methods, tools, or software are open source, fostering transparency within the field. This WG has also been working on the preparation of a manuscript that aims to explore and put together the experience on medical image annotation from the EU research projects which are part of the AI for Health Imaging (AI4HI) network (CHAIMELEON, EuCanImage, INCISIVE, ProCAncer-I, PRIMAGE). The final aim is to propose ontologies, standards, tools and recommendations to help the medical imaging community to perform automatic high-quality annotations in medical images.

Team members

(in alphabetical order)
Ana JiménezQuibim, Spain
Anastasios TzelepakisInstitute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Greece
Armando GomisHealth Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe), Spain
Giorgos TziolasInstitute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Greece
Guang YangImperial College London, United Kingdom
Ioanna ChouvardaAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Jose LozanoQuibim, Spain
Kaisar KushibarUniversity of Barcelona, Spain
Karim LekadirUniversity of Barcelona, Spain
Kostas MariasFoundation for Research & Technology – Hellas, Greece
Leonor CerdáHealth Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe), Spain
Manadi DatarSiemens Healthineers, Germany
Martijn StarmansErasmus Medical Center, Netherlands
Max FischerDBVIS, University of Konstanz, Germany
Nikos PapanikolaouChampalimaud Foundation, Portugal
Philippe LambinMaastricht University, Netherlands
Sara ColantonioInstitute of Information Science and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy, ISTI-CNR, Pisa, Italy
Sergio FigueirasBahia Software, Spain
Stavros SykiotisNational Technical University of Athens, Greece
Stefanie CharalambousMaggioli Group, Greece
Yannick MetzUniversity of Konstanz, Germany
Zisis SakellariouInstitute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Greece