ProCAncer-I’s vision is to deliver a PCa AI platform featuring a unique collection of PCa mpMRI images worldwide, in terms of data quantity, quality and diversity; to focus on delivering novel AI clinical tools based on a three-stage ensemble modelling process for advancing characterization o fPCa lesions, assessment of the metastatic potential, and early detection of disease recurrence; to design and seamlessly integrate an open-source framework for the development, sharing and deployment of AI models and tools exploiting the evolving annotate& and interoperable data in the platform’s repository; to contribute in the increase of the trust in PCa AI tools by introducing AI model interpretability functionality and delivering a complete technological, organizational, and legislative framework for model evaluation through interaction and engagement of relevant regulatory authorities; to develop a concrete plan to sustain and exploit project results.

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An AI Platform integrating imaging data and models, supporting precision care through prostate cancer’s continuum


Prof. Manolis Tsiknakis (FORTH)

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