Dissemination & Exploitation
The main objective of this WG is to focus on developing common campaigns and materials for effective dissemination and communication. The group collaborates on defining strategic positions on Dissemination and Communication activities and addressing common questions to enhance the impact of outreach and engagement efforts.

Team members

(in alphabetical order)
Amelia SuarezMatical Innovation, Spain
Ana Belen Callado GilTIC Salut, Spain
Andreas ZiogosWhite Research, Belgium
Giorgia ManuziSIOPE, Belgium
Ines MatiasMedtronic, United states
Jamilia ArykbaevaUniversitat de Barcelona, Spain
Laura MunozMATICAL, Spain
Nicos TachosFORTH, Greece
Olalla AramburuMedtronic, United states
Peter GordebekeEIBIR, Austria
Pol CampsWhite Research, Belgium
Rachel WardenEACR, United Kingdom
Samira EssiafSIOPE, Belgium
Stefanie CharalambousMaggioli Group, Greece
Theano ApostolidiFORTH, Greece