Metadata Models
The primary focus of this working group encompasses data storage, curation, and secure management, while also examining the development of a common data model for both imaging and non-imaging data and metadata. Additionally, the group addresses key aspects such as data and metadata interoperability, standards and management tools.The Data Storage/Curation/Management and Metadata Models working group is actively engaged in producing white papers that document experiences gained from the development of infrastructures within the AI4HI project. These white papers focus on areas such as the execution of AI models, methods for integrating the AI4HI project’s infrastructure with other developed infrastructures, and explore the lessons learned throughout the process. The aim is to share insights and best practices that can contribute to the advancement of efficient and effective infrastructure development within the field of AI in healthcare.

Team members

(in alphabetical order)
Antonios LalasInstitute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Greece
Caroline BarelleEurodyn, United Kingdom
Dawn WalkerUniversity of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Eline VinkeErasmus Medical Center, Netherlands
Emanuele NeriIstituto di Fisica Applicata Nello Carrara, Italy
Eugenia MylonaFORTH, Greece
Guang YangImperial College London, United Kingdom
Haridimos KondylakisFoundation for Research & Technology – Hellas, Greece
Ioanna ChouvardaAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Jonathan P. BonaUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Jordi RamblaCRG, Spain
José Manuel García-AznarUniversity of Zaragoza, Spain
Juan Prieto PenaBahia Software, Spain
Lauren FromontCRG, Spain
Leonor CerdáHealth Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe), Spain
Michel RochetteAnsys, United states
Paschalis BizopoulosInstitute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Greece
Pedro MallolHealth Research Institute Hospital La Fe (IIS La Fe), Spain
Sabato MelloneUniversity of Bologna, Italy
Sara Martinez AlabartTIC Salut Social, Spain
Stefanie CharalambousMaggioli Group, Greece